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Most Reverend Kurt Burnette

Fifth Bishop of the Eparchy of Passaic


Mailing Address:

Byzantine Catholic Eparchy of Passaic
445 Lackawanna Avenue
Woodland Park, New Jersey 07424
Phone: 973-890-7777
FAX: 973-890-7175

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Vice Chancellor:
Vicar for Clergy:
Eparchial Finance Officer:

Right Reverend Archpriest James G. Hayer


Reverend Nicholas Daddona


Very Rev. Ronald Barusefski, JCL


Very Rev. Peter Hosak


Deacon Robert Shalhoub


Executive Assistant:
Administrative Assistant:

 Diane Rabiej



Maureen French



College of Consultors:

Very Rev. Marcel Szabo - Senior Consultor


Very Rev. John Basarab, MA

Very Rev. Steven Galuschik 


Very Rev. Peter Hosak


Rt. Rev. James Hayer


Very Rev. Robert Hospodar, JCL


Very Rev. Gary Mensinger


Very Rev. Michael Popson 


Very Rev. Mykhaylo Prodanets

Presbyteral Council:

Rev. Vincent Brady


Rev. Edward Cimbala, D.Min.


Very Rev. Jack Custer, SSL, STD


Rev. Ronald Hatton


Very Rev. Edward Higgins


Rev. Michael Kerestes


Very Rev. Salvatore Pignato


Very Rev. Michael Popson


Very Rev. Mykhaylo Prodanets


Very Rev. Michael Salnicky


Very Rev. Conan Timoney, Ph.D.



Ex-Officio Members:


Rt. Rev. Archpriest James G. Hayer


Very Rev. John Basarab


Very Rev. Robert Evancho


Ver Rev. Peter Hosak


Very Rev. Robert Hospodar, JCL


Very Rev. Gary Mensinger

Finance Council:

Rt. Rev. James G. Hayer


Deacon Robert Shalhoub, Finance Officer


Mr. Stephen Kowalski


Mr. Thomas P. DeVita, Attorney at Law 

Susquehanna: Very Rev. Gary Mensinger 
Central Pennsylvania: Very Rev. Peter J. Hosak 
New Jersey: Very Rev. John Custer, SSL, STD
New York/New England: Very Rev. Robert J. Hospodar, JCL
Middle States: Very Rev. John Basarab, MA
Southern States:

Very Reverend Robert Evancho


Northern Pennsylvania
& Northwestern New York:


Wyoming Valley: Very Rev. Michael J. Salnicky
Mid Pennsylvania:

Very Rev. Gregory Noga

Southern Pennsylvania: Very Rev. Edward Higgins
Northern New Jersey: Very Rev. John Custer, SSL, STD
Central New Jersey:

Very Rev. Francis Rella

Northeast New York &
New England:
Middle States:

Very Rev. Conan Timoney, Ph.D.

Southern States:

Very Rev. Salvatore A. Pignato


Judicial Vicar:

Adjutant Judicial Vicar:

Rev. Msgr. T. Mark Condon, JCD

Very Rev. Ronald Barusefski, JCL

Very Rev. Eduard Shestak, JCL, STD

Judge: Rev. Msgr. Robert Senetsky, JCD
Defender of the Bond:
Promoter of Justice:
Very Rev. Robert J. Hospodar, JCL

Very Rev. Gary Mensinger

Very Rev. Gregory J. Noga

Mrs. Maureen French

Mrs. Diane Rabiej



Office of Eastern Christian Formation: Reverend Vasyl Chepelskyy, STD 

Retirement Planning Board:



Reverend Joseph Bertha - New York/New England 

Very Rev. Edward Higgins - Central PA 

Very Rev. Michael Salnicky - Susquehanna Valley 

Reverend Steven Galuschik - Southern States

Very Rev. Conan Timoney, Ph.D. - Middle States 

Building & Liturgical Arts Commission:

Right Reverend Archpriest James  G. Hayer, Chairman

Very Rev. Peter Hosak

Very Rev. Michael Popson

Reverend Vitaliy Pukhayev


Very Rev. John G. Basarab, MA


Very Rev. Edward J. Higgins 


Reverend Michael Kerestes

Cemeteries Commission:

Very Reverend Michael Salnicky, Chair


Very Rev. John Custer


Right Reverend James G. Hayer


Rev. Robert Lozinski, CSC

eff. May 31, 2017

Music Commission:

Mr. Elias Zareva

Joseph K. Ferenchick
Inter-Eparchial Commission for Sacred Music

Ecumenism: Very Rev. Edward Higgins
Evangelization Commission:

Rev. Joseph Bertha, PhD, Chairman 

Rev. John S. Custer, SSL, STD


Very Rev. John Basarab, MA

Very Rev. Conan Timoney, Ph.D. 

Communications &
Right Reverend Archpriest James G. Hayer 

Deacon Formation:

Priesthood Formation:

Vocations Directors:

Reverend Nicholas Daddona



Reverend Michael Kerestes, Director


Very Rev. Conan Timoney, Ph. D., Assistant Director

Baltimore, MD


Very Rev. Gary Mensinger, Assistant Director

Pittston, PA


Rev. Scott Boghossian, Assistant Director 

Miami, FL



Safe Environment Program


Coordinator: Rev. David Baratelli


Victims Advocate: Dr. Maureen Daddona, PhD.

1 (516) 623-6456


National Child Abuse Hotline:

1 (800) 442-4453


Rev. James Badeaux, Editor 


Rev. Ronald Hatton, Associate Editor


Rev. Lewis Rabayda, Layout Editor


Mrs. Diane Rabiej, Copy Editor


Mrs. Maureen French, Circulation Editor


Business Office:
445 Lackawanna Ave.
Woodland Park, NJ 07424

Publication Office (for news & photos):

Please submit "Word" document and jpeg/tif format digitized photos only.  Thank you.

Email us at:

Respect Life Office:

Rev. G. Scott Bogossian, Pro-Life Director 

Family Life Office:
Eparchial Historian:
Very Rev. Robert J. Hospodar, JCL

Heritage Museum and Library:





Eparchial Cultural Archives:


445 Lackawanna Avenue
Woodland Park, NJ 07424

Rev. Joseph Bertha, Ph.D.

Rev. John Custer, SSL, STD


Right Reverend Archpriest James G. Hayer  

Carpathian Village:

St. Nicholas Shrine

802 Snow Hill Road

Cresco PA  18326

Very Rev. Michael Salnicky, Director 


New Byzantine Catholic Community Forming


A Byzantine Catholic community is forming at St. Philip Neri RC Church, 292 Munn Rd., Fort Mill, SC (about a half hour drive from Charlotte, NC).


Please join us as we grow our community and celebrate together the Byzantine Divine Liturgy.


Father Steven Galuschik of All Saints Byantine Catholic Church in North Fort Myers, Florida began celebrating the Divine Liturgy with the community at the end of October. This community will serve the northern part of South Carolina as well as Charlotte, North Carolina.


Please share this information with your friends and family, especially those who have moved "down South." The Divine Liturgy is celebrated on Saturdays at 4:00 p.m. If you would like to participate in any way, or have questions please contact Ron Somich at 440-477-6389 or or visit the website at: for news, upcoming gatherings and service times.




Mary, the Helper of Mothers   

The Albazinskaya Mother of God




Thank you for your continued support!

Watch for 2018 BISHOP'S APPEAL 
beginning this Fall.   




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