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One of many roles of the Office of Eastern Christian Formation (Religious Education) is to ensure continuing formation for individuals seeking to advance in their knowledge about faith and God, make spiritual progress in their lives, and come closer to God, regardless of age.

Religious education helps us understand our identity as God’s children and how to live out this identity. Knowledge empowers us. Knowledge about God helps us to grow spiritually.

If you have any further questions about religious education and looking for ways to deepen your knowledge about faith and God, please do not hesitate to contact our Office at:

It is our mission and privilege to serve your educational and spiritual needs!

With prayers,
Rev. Vasyl Chepelskyy

New Online Course


Free course hosted by the ECP Office --February 22 - March 6 3:00 -4:45 PM EST

Mystery of Icons:  Intro into the Theology and Spirituality of Byzantine Iconography

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Director:  Reverend Vasyl Chepelsky




Life presents us with many challenges and great questions. In our continuous efforts to bring religious education of the Byzantine Catholic Eparchy of Passaic to a new level, which would correspond to the demands of today and to the needs of people, we are excited to share with you the news about completion of the Eparchial Inquiry Program “Come and See.”

It is a resource, which aims to share the Good News – the transforming message of the Gospel within the context of the Byzantine Catholic Tradition and which was designed with two-fold goal in mind: 1) to be beneficial to all the existing Byzantine Catholics and serve them as the ABCs about our Church and Tradition, 2) it is also an invitation to all those who are in search of a new spiritual home, who want to learn more about God and build lasting personal friendship with Him. It is an introduction about who we are and what we believe and it aims to grow awareness and participation in the great Christian richness of our Byzantine Tradition and speak about its practices. It is an invitation to a journey to experience the Mystery of God.

Most Reverend Kurt Burnette, our Bishop, in His welcoming message to the Program says: “…If you are seeking Caesar Augustus and the powers of this world, then go elsewhere. If you are seeking the God who lay as a child in a cave in Bethlehem, then you are welcome here. Jesus remains with us today in his Body which is the Church. We begin every Eucharist with the words, “In peace, let us pray to the Lord.” If you are searching for a place to pray to the Lord, “in Spirit and in Truth”, if you are seeking a place where you can find inner peace, “the peace of God that surpasses all understanding,” then welcome to our church.”

We hope this work will help you to find answers to life questions you were looking for, will strengthen your faith, will educate you about Byzantine Catholic Tradition, but the most important thing – will ultimately help you to grow closer to God and to develop/strengthen your personal relationships with Him. It is the invitation we are sending to you to meet personally with Jesus through the prayers, Sacraments, parish life, serving others and living your vocation.

If this work helps at least one person to discover the meaning of life and of vocation, and/or if it helps at least one person to remain faithful to his/her call, or if it brings at least one person closer to God, or if it helps at least one person to find his/her path to the Church and to God, to answer important life questions – it will fulfill its purpose.

You may order a copy of it from your nearest Byzantine Catholic parish within the Eparchy of Passaic or by contacting the ECF Office at:

or view the PDF version here Come and See.